The First and Only Non-Estrogen Oral Treatment for Vaginal Dryness

The first and only NON-ESTROGEN ORAL treatment for postmenopausal vulvar and vaginal dryness causing painful sex was approved in February 2013. It is called Osphena, and it is taken daily by mouth. Why is this interesting? Well, there are more than 50 million postmenopausal women, and the majority of us will experience significant physiological changes in the vulva and vagina. Without the benefit of estrogen, we will begin to experience dryness, irritation, burning and discomfort or actual pain with intercourse. Currently, our options have been over the counter lubricants and moisturizers which do not address the actual physiological changes. Of course, there are also local estrogen creams, tablets and a ring that do work well to bring health back to that area. But for those of you who cannot or will not take estrogen, or prefer to take a pill orally rather than deal with a cream vaginally, this is a great new option for you. The safety profile appears to be excellent. Just do not be surprised if your health care provider does not yet know about this major advance. It takes time for everyone to get used to new ideas.