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★★★★★ “Funny, straight to the point and with helpful insights. As Dr. Allmen states, no substitution for a face-to-face with your own doctor, but a great read that brings questions you may have to light. Menopause Confidential is a book all women over 50 should have at hand.” – Lilibee

★★★★★ “My mother quotes this book constantly – said it’s full of great info. for menopause, and really helped her through the process.” – Katie Hendie

★★★★★ “I am empowered and enlightened by this wonderful book. I can only hope my journey will be as great! But with the knowledge gained from this book I am most certainly on the right track now!” – Genesis

★★★★★ “I emailed Dr Allmen with a question I had after devouring her book and she called me back the next day! This is a comprehensive, easy to understand, up to date guide that covers everything (mental, emotional and physical) about the transition into menopause and helps you navigate past the myths and DIY pitfalls. Her mission is to help you and your doctor know what to use and how to make you feel your best and she does so with humor and scientifically proven medical advice. My copy is well highlighted and now I have a plan of action!” – R.Bennion

★★★★★ “As a female under the age of 40 with a BRCA 1 mutation, I have been going through some life-changing experiences and am encountering some difficulties with making decisions on what is best for me and my family. I found this book to be extremely helpful. Dr. Tara Allmen answers all of the questions that once seemed very scary and uncomfortable. She makes it easier to understand the process of what happens to a woman prior to, during and after she enters menopause, as well as those who will enter menopause surgically, like myself. One of my biggest fears is hormone replacement and how my body will react to the surgery after removing my female organs, yet after reading this book and speaking to Dr. Allmen, my fears are a lot less and I feel more positive and comfortable about what I’m about to go through. Thank you, Dr. Allmen for writing such an empowering book!” – John

★★★★★ “Dr Allmen is my doctor and what a doctor!! I read the book in one seating and it was exactly like being in her office: sassy, funny, straight talk, no nonsense information, to the point! After reading the chapter about spouse, I will definitely bring my husband to my next appointment! I gifted the book to 5 friends this past Christmas because it is a MUST read.” – Catherine

★★★★★ “Brilliant!!!! A serious and difficult time in a women’s life and Dr. Allmen infused the perfect amount of humor to help educate and actually embrace every woman going through menopause. I highly recommend this book !! A ten!!” – Amazon Customer

★★★★★ “Wow! I was blown away by Tara humor’s, in-depth knowledge of the latest research, and clear-eyed analysis of the risks and benefits of testing and treatment. The area of menopause is full of hype, fear, rumor, and old-wives tales, and I really appreciate her clear-eyed discussion of the topic.” – S. Moestl