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Exercise now, reduce risk of chronic disease later

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Dr. Allmen’s Comments:   There can no longer be any excuse for midlife women to avoid daily aerobic and strength training exercise.  The data across the board confirms that if you get fit and stay fit at midlife, you have an excellent chance of reducing your risk of many significant health issues like diabetes and heart disease.  Now most busy women do not have an hour a day, the suggested amount of time for the maximum health benefits, to exercise.  However, most busy women are smart enough to know that they’d better find more time to devote to their fitness and healthy diet.  No more excuses!

Excerpt from abstract from Archives of Internal Medicine  Aug 27, 2012: “In order to study the association between midlife fitness and nonfatal chronic disease outcomes in later life, 18,670 healthy participants from the Cooper Center Longitudinal Study were linked with Medicare claims from January 1, 1999, to December 31, 2009… The authors found that, after 120,780 person-years of Medicare exposure, fitness was significantly associated with a lower risk of developing chronic disease outcomes during 26 years of follow-up. These findings suggest that higher midlife fitness may be associated with the compression of morbidity in older age.”

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