Perimenopausal Symptoms, Contraception and Low Dose Birth Control Pills

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Perimenopausal women are still having menstrual cycles which means they are still ovulating. Most perimenopausal women consider themselves too old to get pregnant, but this is simply not true. The perimenopausal woman may be ovulating irregularly and unpredictably, but there is still a chance of pregnancy. In this age group, a pregnancy is often the surprise, late in life baby you hadn’t planned for! So if you don’t like surprises, make sure to use some form of contraception during this transition.

The Best Treatment for Perimenopausal Symptoms

Did you know that the best treatment for perimenopausal symptoms is a low dose birth control pill? Not only does it help relieve symptoms by getting you off the perimenopausal hormonal roller coaster ride and onto a nice and steady tram ride, it also provides contraception. Women over the age of 35 cannot take birth control pills if they smoke cigarettes. So if you are a symptomatic perimenopausal women, here is yet another great reason to quit smoking!

Low dose birth control pills are taken continuously, which means there is no placebo break or week off. That is a new concept for many of you. As it turns out, women on birth control pills never need to take a break and have a withdrawal bleed. That is especially true for the perimenopausal crowd who will experience symptoms if they stop taking active pills for a few days. Perimenopausal women can safely take continuous low dose birth control pills until the age of 55 when most will have become menopausal. After 55, the pill is stopped and nothing is usually started in its place. If you begin to experience menopausal symptoms, you can then engage in a discussion about the treatment options available.

Tara Allmen, MD Credentials:
– Board Certified Gynecologist and Nationally Certified Menopause Practitioner
– New York City’s Leading Expert In Menopause
– President, North American Menopause Society Foundation
– Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology
– New York City’s Top Gynecologist, 2015
– Five Star Rating From Doctor’s Choice Awards
– Five Star Rating From HealthGrades

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